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Our Story

Since the foundation of Swingspark we have always been providing short – – and long term accommodation (including house sharing) – – in high class premises for those, either students or professional on holiday or on business trips, who enjoy the vibrant London lifestyle and choose to live in a cosy, easygoing and happy environment.

When we first saw Camden BnB (known by its previous name Michael’s Guest House) we saw clearly the opportunity to realize one of our dreams: running a bed and breakfast. We felt lucky, we fall in love with this place, we saw its potential even though it was only an old place with little character or style, suitable only for the builders working in the area.



Our thinking was “It will be hard, very hard, but we will make it, and it will be a success!”. We then started our journey in December 2014 combining our knowledge, our enthusiasm, our passion for this job and desire to succeed, in order to reach our goal: transforming, with the help of colours, our creation into a welcoming and friendly environment.

We are excited that we are still learning and growing, we actually are at the beginning of a lifelong journey that will never end as long as we are willing to learn and to listen to other people thoughts. This is the reason why we spend most of our time listening to our customers’ stories, advice and ideas. We are shaping this dream with your help, and we thank you for that.

If you are in London, even if you don’t want to spend your holiday here, please come to visit us for a coffee, we would be glad to have you here, to show you what we are proud of and to talk to you about life.


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