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   Caliber: 25 ~ 400 mm

   Flow rate: 6.3 ~ 2390 m3/h

   Head: 8 ~ 194 m

   Power: 1.1 ~ 1250 kW

   Medium temperature: -20 ~ 450 ℃

   Ambient temperature: less than 40 ℃

   Pressure class: 2.5 MPa


   XHPR series petrochemical process pump is horizontal single stage single suction cantilever structure, the product conforms to API610 standard, suitable for the transportation of clean or granular, low temperature or high temperature liquid. Suitable for conveying neutral or corrosive liquids. Including a variety of temperature and concentration of acid and alkali salt solutions, a variety of liquid petrochemical products, organic compounds and other products.

   Mainly used in oil refinery, petrochemical industry, coal processing industry and paper temperature process; Chemical industry, paper industry, pulp industry, sugar industry and general process industry; Water supply plant and seawater desalination plant; Heating and air conditioning systems; Power plant; Environmental protection projects; Ships and Marine industries.

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