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   Diameter: 50 ~ 400mm

   Gas range: 150 ~ 27000m3/h

   Pressure range: 33hPa ~ 1013hPa(A)

   Power: 11 ~ 500 kW

   Medium for transport: gas insoluble in water and containing no particles

   Speed: 210 ~ 1750 r/min


   2BE1 series liquid ring vacuum pump is a high efficiency and energy saving product developed by our company on the basis of many years of scientific research and production experience, drawing lessons from the international advanced technology of similar products, and through market research and analysis. Working medium for room temperature water, sulfuric acid, mechanical oil and other liquids.

   This pump is mainly used in papermaking, pharmaceutical, sugar, food, metallurgy, mining, oil refining, chemical, electricity and other departments, realize the vacuum evaporation, vacuum concentration, vacuum drying, vacuum smelting, vacuum aspiration, gas recovery, reduced pressure distillation process, such as used for sucking air or other gas, cause the vacuum pumping system formation. It can also compress the gas in the pump outlet system.

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