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    Once upon a time, on a breezy night

    Move a small stool to sit in the open field to watch an outdoor movie

    It's a childhood complex for many people

   On the evening of October 15, Xinheng Pump Industry office building was lively and popular, and the labor union film activity was being held. The scene was one of warmth and joy.

    In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the staff and stimulate their enthusiasm to work hard for the prevention and control of the epidemic and to achieve the double success of economic and social development goals, Xinheng Pump Industry Union successfully launched the film broadcasting activity in 2020 with the strong support of Guangzhou Federation of Trade Unions.

    After the screening, watching staff said: this activity not only increased the communication between colleagues, but also recalled the good memories of childhood, dating with the old time. And in this way, good films and right values are spread.

   In the future, Xinheng Pump industry will continue to do a good job of humanistic care, and make progress toward the goal of "creating both material and spiritual happiness for employees", so that every Xinheng person can work seriously and live happily in this big family.


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