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    The company's production departments include: Production and Manufacturing Department, Quality Management Department, Casting Workshop, welding workshop, machining workshop, Final Assembly workshop, etc. , including the design, process, mold manufacturing, casting manufacturing, material heat treatment and processing, assembly, pump testing, physical and chemical measurement, and other aspects of the pump manufacturing process, so that all products from the design, mold manufacturing, parts casting, processing, product assembly and performance testing, all can be completed in the company itself, conducive to the quality of the whole process of product monitoring.

    Processing Workshop of Gross leasable area about 13000 square meters, there are horizontal machining center, Vertical machining center, vertical lathing compound, vertical lathe, floor boring machine, grinder, CNC Gantry milling machine and other large-scale equipment. Turning all kinds of parts up to 5000mm in diameter and long shafts up to 5000mm in diameter. The dynamic and static balancing machine imported from West Germany can balance the rotating parts with 1.8 m diameter, and the counterbalanced parts can reach up to 1000kg, which provides the necessary conditions for the safe and stable operation of the pump.



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