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   The company has set up "Guangdong Province high-efficiency energy-saving industrial pump engineering technology research center" and "Guangzhou Enterprise Research and Development Organization" , which is the core technical force of Xinheng pump industry, with engineering mechanics, fluid mechanics, fluid machinery, machinery manufacturing, chemical machinery, materials and heat treatment, process equipment, sealing R & D and application, electrical and automation and other professionals. The company has established long-term cooperative relations with many universities and research institutes. In recent years, it has made a lot of achievements in hydraulic model research and development, patent application, high-tech new product development, etc. , he has obtained more than 80 kinds of patent technologies and participated in the preparation of many national standards. Among the technical personnel, 5 have senior professional titles, 26 have intermediate professional titles, college degree or above accounting for 89% . Have advanced design means, adopt CAD, LDPUMP hydraulic assistant design software, CAD, CAXA 2D design software, Pro/ENGINEER, SolidWork 3D design software, CFD fluid simulation analysis system software, ANSYS finite element analysis software design development, developed nearly 5 series of advanced and efficient hydraulic models, by prototype verification, have reached the advanced level of foreign countries. Xinheng people think that the perfect design is to ensure the quality of the first link, but also a necessary condition, Xinheng technology team to promote "unity integrity, efficient innovation" spirit of enterprise.


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